General Contracting

General Contracting Sample

We can provide OQ evaluation, insurance coverage, and other resources to organize almost any project start to finish.

  • ROW
  • building construction
  • fencing
  • gravel placement
  • concrete pouring


Coating Sample

We understand how to assess and apply coatings to obtain long-term protection against corrosion.

  • above ground
  • below ground
  • tanks
  • structural
  • high heat
  • specialty

Media Blasting

Coating Sample

We are familiar with all types of processes to remove old coating, rust, and other surface imperfections.

  • coal slag
  • dry ice
  • glass bead
  • steel shot
  • wet blast

Pressure Washing

We can save your budget many times by cleaning grease and other contaminants from surfaces.

  • biodegradable solvents if needed
  • steam cleaning

Pier Modification

Coating Sample

We repair and modify support piers to create access to contact points for future inspection.

  • all sizes or materials
  • strap fabrication
  • Tulsa pipe supports
  • Glashmesh FRP

Cooling Tower Repair

Coating Sample

We can add years to the life of cooling towers by repair inside and out.

  • cleaning
  • structural repair
  • new skin application