Cooling Tower Repair Service With Safety In Mind

Repairing cooling towers inside and out, adding decades to their life for a fraction of the replacement cost.

Extending Your Cooling Tower’s Life With High-Quality Repairs

Cooling tower repair is a specialty and laborious, but much less expensive than replacement. We can extend the life of the tower and coordinate with the required outage to service the coils and electrical parts.

How Our Cooling Tower Repair Service Can Help You

At Tanner Coatings and Pipeline Services, we clean and repair your cooling towers to repair the structural aspects of the tower frame and skin, mitigating corrosion inside and out. Through our years of experience in performing this process, we’re able to provide the shortest outage time possible, giving you maximum protection and extending the life of your cooling tower by decades.

Thanks to our expertise and technical knowledge in cooling tower repair, we can repair your cooling tower for a fraction of the cost of a replacement system. In providing repair rather than replacement, we ensure high-quality work to maintain its structural integrity while also keeping your costs to a minimum.

Ready To Give Your Cooling Tower A New Lease On Life?

Benefits Of Our Cooling Tower Repair Service

Removing Scaling And Treating Fouling

Removing scaling from your cooling tower will assist with effective heat transfer, while treating fouling will improve performance.

Preventing Corrosion

Through balancing ways to control corrosion, we will extend the life of your cooling tower and its individual components.

Quick And Safe Service

We work hard to provide the shortest outage time, maximizing your protection.

Experience And Knowledge

Thanks to the knowledge and experience we’ve gained throughout the years, you can feel confident of our safe work environment.

Prompt Administrative Responses

Providing more than administration, Rachel and Melissa are business operations experts with strong work ethics.

Safe Work Environment

Each project is fully contained inside a wrapped scaffolding system with constant air filtration, controling dust and providing a safe work environment.

The Cooling Tower Repair Process

We begin our cooling tower repair process by evaluating the extent of the structure degradation. Following our analysis, we will develop a plan for modification and provide you with pricing for all labor and materials. We will then schedule our work for an outage project.

The process itself involves removing old siding and rotten structural steel, refabrication for new siding and floor, and all stainless hardware. We sandblast and recoat all steel and associated piping, remaining aware of environmentally safe wash of coils at all times.

Blending Honesty And Integrity

Safety and Quality

We approach each cooling tower repair project with safety and quality repairs at the forefront of our minds.

Short Outage Times

We’ve spent years perfecting our processes, allowing us to keep your outage times to a minimum while giving you maximum protection.

Fully Contained Projects

Every one of our cooling tower repair projects is fully contained inside a wrapped scaffolding system with constant air filtration, controlling dust and providing the safest work environment possible.

Contact Tanner Coatings Today For Your Cooling Tower Repair Needs

Due to our years of experience in repairing cooling towers through cleaning, structural repair, and new skin application, we know the best ways to repair your cooling tower to maximize its lifespan and minimize your downtime. In evaluating the extent of its structural degradation, we develop the best plan for modification to suit your needs so you can have your cooling tower back to maximum efficiency as soon as possible. To see how Tanner Coatings and Pipeline Services can assist you, get in touch with our team today.