Below Ground Coating Of Buried Assets

An experienced and knowledgable team providing safe and high-quality below ground coating.

Digging Into The Problem

Buried assets require particular attention to protect against corrosion. Along with CP, our coating processes will provide years of safe operation. If anomaly repairs are necessary, we can apply those as well!

Whether your pipeline or buried assets have been coated before and are due for recoating, or they need a new coating before they’re installed, you need a reliable team with honesty and integrity as well as the technical expertise to do the job well.

How Our Below Ground Coating Service Can Help You

Our experience and knowledge of below ground coating is second to none, making us the only team of below ground coating experts you’ll need to know. We provide a comprehensive service, providing a written work plan and project scope with all costs outlined.

Between our thorough workmanship before, during, and after your project combined with our reasonable prices, we provide a high-quality below ground coating service from start to finish.

Ready To Combat Corrosion And Add Defense To Your Pipeline?

Benefits Of Our Below Ground Coating Service

Our below ground coating services come with:

Proper Preparation and Application

Proper preparation and application of buried pipelines provide long-term confidence for operators.

Experience And Knowledge

Thanks to the knowledge and experience we’ve gained throughout the years, you can feel confident of our safe work environment and courtesy to land owners.

Transparency Of Service

You can refer to our written work plan and project scope at any time to ensure the project is flowing according to schedule.

Daily Inspection Reporting

Providing daily inspection reporting helps us to stay on track and ensures your project is completed on time.

Prompt Administrative Responses

Providing more than administration, Rachel and Melissa are business operations experts with strong work ethics.

Keeping Costs To A Minimum

We provide productivity and ensure the dig is closed up as safely and efficiently as possible, which keeps costs to a minimum.

The Below Ground Coating Process

Following our site evaluation and provision of a written work plan and project scope with all costs outlined, we schedule all aspects and coordinate each segment through project progression. We perform hazard reduction planning before we move onto security/MOT management and verify that all coating meets necessary standards.

When we have the all-clear, including ensuring a safe work environment and with courtesy to land owners, we can begin excavation. Following excavation, we prepare the surface and apply the coating with daily inspection. We manage the site restoration to meet all legal and environmental needs, then provide all appropriate documentation before issuing an invoice.

Blending Honesty And Integrity

Up-To-Date Technology

Using up-to-date technology allows us to provide the best service to the best standards.

Experience And Knowledge

We keep costs to a minimum by ensuring productivity, allowing us to close the dig as safely and efficiently as possible.

100% Pipeline Operator Contractors

Our focus is protection against corrosion, so you can trust we have your best interests at heart.

Contact Tanner Coatings Today For Your Above Ground Coating Needs

We pride ourselves on the trusted and valued reputation we’ve earned over the years, and we invite you to experience our high-quality service for yourself. We stop at nothing to achieve whatever goal when it comes to below ground coating services, always drawing on our integrity to provide a high-quality outcome while adhering to your budget. To see how Tanner Coatings and Pipeline Services can assist you, get in touch with our team today.