Specialty Line

Expand provider options and complete work quickly without compromising quality.

Gain Experienced Support For Improved Productivity

With our efficient and trusted administrative team, we provide pass-through processing of many projects to help you expand provider options and get work completed quickly.

Our Efficient And Trusted Administration Team Can Provide Pass-through Processing Of Many Projects.

Our Specialty Line Service

Our services include support with a variety of documentation and paperwork for almost any type of project. You will receive assistance from a dedicated contact to ensure communication is clear and efficient. When you contact our office, we will obtain all required project information from you. From there, we can assist you with:

Manage Security

We manage security for projects that require law enforcement assistance.

MOT services

Our MOT services also fit with law enforcement requirements.


We will assist to complete all quotes you require.

Assist with project management

By utilizing our assistance, we can help to relieve management stress that is related to your projects.

Verification of qualifications and insurance

Our team will verify the qualifications of relevant personnel and businesses, and confirm insurance requirements and standards.


Leave the processing of all necessary documentation to us so you can get on with other aspects of the job.

Dedicated contact

Having a dedicated personal contact means we can ensure communication is clear from both sides, enabling efficiency and productivity.


We simplify invoicing to close books on your project.

Customized pricing

It is important to us that you are not only happy with our work but also our pricing, so we make sure it is suitable for your particular project.

Utilize Our Specialty Line Services For Reduced Stress

Being able to put your trust in us allows you to focus on the task at hand. Our assistance means your time and energy are placed where it is most effective.

Discover Why We Have A Great Reputation

Our experienced team is proud of the services we can offer. We strive to get you the results you desire, efficiently and effectively. We put your needs to the forefront and develop the most suitable plan for your operations. To see how Tanner Coatings and Pipeline Services can assist you, get in touch with our team today.